Northland Basket

Since August 19, 2011, Northland Resources (Northland) acts as main sponsor for elite women's basketball team Northland Basket (formerly "Luleå Basket"); a groundbreaking venture for both the company and the women's basketball in Norrbotten, Sweden.

"This is a unique opportunity for the team and for Northland. We see a tremendous potential both competatively and from a marketing perspective", says Anna Jonsson, Team Manager, Northland Basket.

Luleå Basket was established in 1979 and has ever since been one of Norrbotten's highest ranking basketball teams. Among their many achievements, four National Championship silver medals top the list. 

Under the new name Northland Basket the team maintain their focus on the National Championship gold medal, and on expanding their international presence, something they've aspired to do for many years. This is the beginning of an exciting journey for Northland as well.

"It makes perfect sense to us, going into a venture like this, to choose a partner in women's sports that has made their own success for a long time, and in doing so igniting public interest in their sport. The mining industry, overall, is a predomininantly male environment, meaning that there are valuable skills and knowledge not at our disposal. For us to really succeed on all fronts we have to be able to attract female co-workers", says Karl-Axel Waplan, CEO, Northland Resouces.

The collaboration between a mining company and an elite women's basketball team is unique in Sweden, and the hope is that Northland Basket will continue their winning tradition for many years to come.

"It feels amazing to be a part of this development, a true milestone for the team. Northland Basket is a fitting name for Norrbotten's own basketball team, with all the talent being discoverd and encouraged in this region. I truly hope that this venture will not only yield competative results but also improve conditions for women athletes so they may focus on their sport full time", says Anna Jonsson.

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Luleå Basket was established in 1979 and has played the top league for over twenty years. Among its four nation championship silver medals, the most recent one was won during last season, 2010-11. Through the years, the team has raised and nurtured many talented players from the Norrbotten region, many of which have represented Sweden in the international basketball championships. Now, the team begins a new exciting journey under the new name Northland Basket.