Northland Resources is focusing on advancing its two main projects in northern Sweden and Finland. The Kaunisvaara project is located in Northern Sweden, while the Hannukainen project is located across the border in northern Finland. Both projects will generate a high grade, high quality iron ore concentrate, from which Northland expects to receive premium price on the world market.

Northland has invested in projects in mining friendly Sweden and Finland due to their political stability and established mining environment. Both countries have a long mining history.

An additional feature is the good infrastructure available, with roads, rail and electricity on or close to the projects and a modern and efficient logistics system is well-established via roads, rail, air and water. Sweden and Finland are major suppliers of minerals as well as mineral processing and mining equipment to Europe and the world. The general infrastructure with power production and distribution, telephone and internet communication and other important prerequisites are of highest international standard in these countries.

The Nordic countries are well known for their well developed and predictable legal system, the high education level and the political and social stability.

Mining in Sweden

Mining has long been a key element of Sweden's economy, with operations dating back to the 1400s. In 2005, Sweden ranked tenth in world iron ore production, all of it coming from the north where Northland's key projects are. Although small in area in relation to other leading mining countries, Sweden's 23 million tonnes of iron ore in 2005 equaled about 2% of world output. It is a leading supplier of iron ore to Europe, and it is also a significant producer of copper, lead and zinc.

Mining in Finland

Finland's mining history dates back to the 16th Century with the first extraction of iron ore. Through subsequent years, the country became a significant producer of copper, nickel, cobalt, zinc, lead and iron. Over 270 mines have operated in Finland, and it has gained a world-wide reputation for its metallurgical technology and mining equipment manufacturing. Mines operating today produce copper, nickel, gold, silver, zinc, and chromium, plus a variety of industrial minerals.